The Revisiting – Star wars: The Old Republic

The revisiting, games of the past I stopped playing. but for some reason have rekindled my interest. Welcome to the very first Revisiting.

Star wars the old republic, or Swtor.
is a mmo (Massively Multiplayer Online) made by Bioware and the company formerly known as Lucasarts. Bioware was responseble for the RPG; The knights of the old republic. A game which took place 10.000 years before the battle of Yavin 4, or in laymen terms “A long time ago in a galaxy far away”. 

Nelth on speeder in all his tentacle glory
Nelth on speeder in all his tentacle glory

A game that had been 8 years into development, greatly hyped as the wow (world of warcraft) killer.
Swtor distinguished itself from other mmo’s to implement story. It was their flagship.
And boy did they nailed that.
I played the Sith warrior and Inquisitor and the story was in one word awesome. What helped in this case that it was fully voiced.

So on the contrary of World of Warcraft which is working with quest text, big wall of text you should read but nobody really does unless they are lost.  They used a shitload of voice actors to really drag you into the game. Even your friends could join in on the conversation and by a dice roll could “win” a witty response. Done really really well.

TO BAD the end game was as empty as a bulimic sarlacc pit,

Darth Selleck. Warrior for the porn mustache clan.
Darth Selleck. Warrior for the porn mustache clan.

because every class had a push back ability, pvp was a hippity-hopping disaster. With any bad luck you bounced around like a beach ball at a Nickelback concert. They also promised a lot of things that didn’t end up in the end game or the weeks after. They lost a lot of subscribers over the two years after launch and after a year they announced the free 2 play model. Most of the time that is a hint that the game will die in the next months.

Me and Nelth are HUGE star wars fans, we even have star wars D&D nights. Dont judge as we are nerds… and there is no known cure.

And with the new movie on the horizon, we felt the urge the play a star wars game. And there it was in the corner; Swtor.
Still there where we left it.. only there was something different:

Starships were meant to fly Hands up and touch the sky... I just gave you a reason to kill me and piss on my grave
Starships were meant to fly
Hands up and touch the sky… I just gave you a reason to kill me and piss on my grave

 The first thing I noticed was the launch trailer. There was something different about it, the voice actor for darth malgus changed.

Weird choice.. to change the voice in the launch trailer.. I mean who the hell cares right? But it didn’t end there this trailer was named during the launch as Deceived. It was also a famous line in the trailer it self. They changed the script of this trailer.. now why the hell did they do that? Can not find anything on the web why they made this change. If you find anything let me know.

Well they must have had their reasons.
Starting the game I see that they implemented an in game item store called the cartel market (not the Colombian version) in which you can spend cartel coins (different from the game’s normal currency ‘credits’) , to buy cosmetic unlocks. Funny. But not necessary

They finally implemented housing. You can buy a condo on the always sunny Dromund Kaas, Nar shadaa or the depressing Tatooine. Your house can be decorated with shit you find on your quest. You can invite other players or friends to your crib. Or you can give them permission to enter your house by giving them keys.
Now they can visit your place when you are not online and gloat.

Yes, we're gonna have to go right to... Ludicrous speed!
Yes, we’re gonna have to go right to… Ludicrous speed!

They stepped away of the talent system. You now follow on unlock trail. Where on certain points you can select a trait out of many.
Just the same as World of Warcraft does it now, They only  present it different.

There is a achievement system linked with your legacy (some way to make alts related or something… don’t really get this).
Mind you there was somewhat of on achievement system in swtor at launch. But that was at a very minimum and poorly implemented. This one is HUGE.
But a lot is just kill 1000 of these green bastards.
And that is cool, I like beating the crap out of aliens.

Their is also a galactic starfighter options in which you can take part in space dogfights.
Swtor had already a star ship shooter build in at launch, and that one is still in the game. But that one is a trailer shooter. Meaning you follow a designated path. And shoot everything you fly past. Flying back to shoot that radar you missed? No can do Captain flashy sunglasses. Good luck next time.
The starfighter lets you rumble in space with other players.

Other thing I noticed is that guilds have their own capital starships
(AWESOME!!!!) and that they can by conquest claim worlds.
How this works precisely I have no Idea, but it has something to do with weekly and daily quests. Which can be a variety of beating that raid boss, to make me 1000 shrubberies.

If you played Swtor back in the day and reading this you might get excited, if not watch this trailer.

Yes you are right that was not the game. But it helped me to play Swtor again, and seeing how this game changed for the better, really makes this a worthy Revisiting. It makes me think that we as MMO players are bit corrupted by wow. And expecting that every game that comes out is a polished piece of shit (cause wow is still a piece of shit, looks great. But it is crap) and swtor was at launch not what it should be. If these additions were in this game at launch it might had a bigger player base as it has now.

They just released their latest Expansion called the Shadow of Revan. A well know lore figure in the Old republic games.

I recommend if you are a Star wars fan, or you played this game in the past. Pick it up again, if only to try the free 2 play version to find the feeling again.

Revisiting well done.

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