The Hangover – Cities: Skylines

Welcome to the second review of Cities: Skylines. This review is to tell you what I feel about this game after a couple of days of playing. Or what we call: The Hangover.

I must say after 2 days of playing this, my city is booming. Buildings are coming out of the ground like mushrooms on a corpse.

I took the time to observe my city like a watchful eye in the sky. Then I noticed that even with my game speed on normal my sims (sorry calling them like this) are moving with great speed through the city while on foot and for some reason they don’t seem to stop for anything. Waiting to cross the road and let that big truck pass? Fuck no, you only live once bitches!

It’s like that scene in bee movie where bee Jerry Seinfeld gains conscience that everything seems to go a bit to smoothly while standing on an intersection. Around them cars are weaving like a perfect fly zipper on the pants of god.

Police academy XXVII

Also my infrastructure is leveling like crazy and existing buildings are being upgraded by my excellent schooling plan. Just a few new problems had arisen. For example not building a cemetery isn’t good for morale. Families don’t like their dead relatives lying around, soiling the waters of the pool. These problems are easily solved by placing the needed building in the vicinity. They have a wide range… maybe to wide. Maybe you noticed the point I’m getting at: the game at this moment… I feel it’s to easy.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist, or a dutch guy with poor English grammar and the desire to blog about games, to figure out the correct strategy in this game. Once you know that what you need to build in order to solve aforementioned problem you are saved.

And this milestone system with its unlocks per tier is maybe a bit to slow in rolling out new features.

A little fire didn’t hurt anybody before.

I think this game isn’t going to be the greatest city sim (or whatever this genre is called). And yet it received a lot of good reviews. But what I noticed was that they were focused on the modding options.

Oh god yes, the modding. It’s nicely done I must say.

To understand how big this can get in the community I need to use an example.

The game is build in such a way that just like sim city you can mark a roster on the ground next to the road and give it a colour: green, blue or orange (in later tiers a darker shade for greater buildings) then if the demand is reached it will build the designated building there. These buildings are always random models. It’s possible in this game to alter those buildings (just like in sim city 2000). But not only can you mod your own buildings, you can upload them to the cloud and other people can then choose your altered building to be build in their city. I think the power of this game lies there. If the community embraces this game there will be an endless stream of content.

But for now the game just isn’t something for me. I felt, while playing this game, the urge to destroy it all again… to bad this game doesn’t have natural disasters. So I tried to poison them by pumping up contaminated water but that didn’t work.

Thanks Obamacare…

Currunt state of my city skyline

Oh well maybe this game will spark my interest in the next couple of weeks. And then I will leave you with probably my final verdict.

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